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April 2010



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Night with Ellie

So I spent my first great time with Ellie. We’ve hung out once before, but my house isn’t the most fun place to experience. Last weekend was a really strange and beautiful experience for me. The trees became spider webs and the stars moved in layers. Out in the country, in nature, you feel one with your universe. I really wish I could remember the entire night. But of course my camera batteries were dead, and remembering that whole experience could take a lifetime. It started with just expecting drinking and magic caps, but Nick brought Ellie. Brit and Mikey were with me and Beau and Ellie was COMPLETELY not expected. I saw her, and knew the night took a turn for the better. I started on my glass of Sula, and that kicked things off. The main aspect of the night was laughter. From The Last Unicorn to Cat Soup, everything was hilarious and happy. Even the messed up interpretations of the movies and sick humor of boys couldn’t faze me from not laughing. People were laughing at my jokes, Brit wasn’t even bothering me. But as sad as it sounds, she’s better around Ellie then without her. Soon the journey ended up outside. Beau was for sure feeling wonderful. Somehow we ended up in the grass together, lying down, with no fear or worry of what’s underneath us. The sky was our T.V. and it had the best shows on. I can’t remember the last time I looked up at the sky and felt one with myself and everything around me. Lying in Beaus leather jacket, with the smell of Earth around me, I felt home..Like a child..Couldnt stop smiling. The night wandered on, people moved in and out. Beau had a little more Ellie around him then I realized and offered me the treat. I’m sitting outside, he goes to hand me the wonderful paper, and…it disappears. Ha..go figure. So here we are, outside, in the dark, fire dying, and I’m wearing a white jacket with blonde hair. This didn’t seem realistic at all. So Beau decides to go get the flashlight from Mikey and make it all better. This seemed like a great idea until I realize I’m all alone by a dying fire, out in the woods, and feeling the effects of Ellie. Luckily Beau didn’t take long and soon I was revamping the night. The extra definitely kicked it up a notch. So back to the house we go. Talking, laughing, awake. Brit disappeared a few times, but that’s the game, so we didn’t worry. At one point me and Beau found her beside the tree next to the house, she was spaced. She seemed fine though, so we moved her up a little and left her be. A few minutes later I see Kristin outside by the house, near where Brit was and Nick turned around peeing. Oh..god..thats where Brit was. Kristin realized too and we both freaked out, Nick stopped and we realized Brit was no longer there. Oh great, and girl that’s never met Ellie and has vanished into the dark, cant be good. So I walk around the house, alone again. And get to the gate headed towards the campsite. As Im calling out Brits name, I hear a voice coming from the bush next to me. This is pretty much how the conversation went.
Me: Brittany….Brittany!!
Bush: ::rustles:: Yeah?
Me: Brittany?..Brittany where are you?!
Bush/Brittany: In here
Me: What the hell are you doing in the bush!?
Bush/Brittany: ::giggle::…I don’t know
Me: Oh my god, well are you coming out?
Bush: No…but I will
So that’s how the night got started for her. I went inside and of course everyone wanted to know where Brittany was. It was a little funny explaining to them she was in the bush…so the house now had a “bush monster”. Eventually we all went to the fire, Nick, Halbrook, Brit, me, Beau, Mikey, David and Kristin It was awesome with the music, the tent (that was never used), and just the joy of being happy with friends. For one brief night all that concerned us, was where to get more wood for the fire. Eventually Halbrook and Nick had to leave, this was probably normal for them. David and Kristin stayed out with us, and David got entranced by the machete. This would have been fine, had he not been careless and think he was a ninja. He flipped it, and flipped it and flipped and cut. He threw his hand down after “catching it” and Beau could see he was feeling stupid. It was horrible, but he had to leave the fire, and told us later when he got to the house his hands were covered in blood. So Im somewhat glad, he didn’t stay and me see that. We checked on him at the house then headed up to the camp. Drinking, talking, and still laughing filled the rest of the night. At who knows how many points we said we would lay down. But everytime the thought arose, I saw the sky change and I was distracted with pictures. I saw everything from evil faces to laughing animals, to some over the wall visions. I think the best still so far is the cloud formation I saw over the horizon. I will have to draw it to remember perfectly. But Ill try and describe without sounded crazy. I saw a monkey hanging upside down off something, handing a joint to a lady with a ponytail that was playing a flute. I know..Im nuts, but that’s what it looked like and it was VERY vivid. Eventually, not aware of the time passed, the sky started brightening up. It was like watching the sunrise for the first time. The sky was brighter, the clouds looked perfect, and the temperature was to die for. The sun came up and we waited for David and Kristin. Had a little morning Mary and waited for breakfast to be done. While walking around outside, I felt like I was in Legend. The flowers were glowing, the fluffy foliage was flying and the sun was illuminating everything, as in a dream. I told myself, that’s what heaven should be like. If I could choose my own like in What Dreams My Come, that would be mine. With family and friends I enjoy being around, euphoric and happy. I know this isn’t a everyday or weekend occasion, but I think with often trips Ill be able to handle the everyday mundane world that is life. I hope to go again. <3