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April 2010



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bunch of thoughts..

So..It’s the day before Christmas Eve, woot I guess. I’m not very festive as I have been in the past. I don’t have anyone a gift; I’m probably not getting one from anyone, so yeah, what’s there to look forward to? I’m sure it will just be another day. Only fun thing is I’m off X-mas Eve and X-mas day. So I have tomorrow, Fri. and the rest of the weekend off. The only fun thing will be if I’m somehow able to go to Carthage and see David, Kristin, and Nick.
On a fun note though, I did get to go there last weekend. It was another meeting with Ellie. I went and saw Avatar the day it happened, and it was SPECTACULAR. The first night with Ellie I watched Fern Gully, which will never be the same after that, and then I got to watch Avatar. The movie would have been amazing regardless, but going like that definitely added to experience. I love the movies that show how messed up our human race is. That all we do is come in a destroy something beautiful that would have been perfect without us. Just like the Native Americans before us, they were happy and blissful with they’re simple life. They were more in tuned with the world around them, and would have never known anything other, except for us messing it up. Watching those movies sometimes upset me, but hopefully someone else will take a lesson from it, and not just see it as another fantasy movie. The movie itself was breathtaking. From the glow stick looking world, to the bizarre alien animals, everything was ethereal looking. I could watch that over and over again without Ellie around. Ellie just made it so much more memorable. It was the first time I was in public with her also, so that was a bit of a trip in itself, haha.
Ok, this will be a long entry I guess, because now I want to rant >_<. I really hate when people are just out right bitches. Let me start off saying, since school I really haven't had an opportunity to learn anything of any importance. So what little I remember is very special to me, even if it is random and pointless. Like learning the longest word in the dictionary for science class, something I was proud of. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, sure I had to look it up this time, but I was 2 letters off, that’s it. So we were saying something about adverbs, and I stated English was my only subject I was really good in, along with Science sometimes. Hence why I said something about having to learn that word. The girl walks over looks at the paper and exclaims, “You know youre not getting bonus points or a raise for that.” Well shit, no kidding! I just wanted to test myself! I just don’t understand why some people feel the need to be just straight out rude and bitter. Like you want me to smile and nod and rejoice in your stories, but I cant say one thing about myself!? God, I just want to learn things, and what I retain is few and far between. So when I remember something from almost 6 years ago, Im a little surprised with myself. Don’t shoot me down when I have so little to be happy about……..BITCH. >_<