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April 2010



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Starting work!!

So I guess Ill start to try updating at least a week or something. I just started my new job at G. I. Associates. It’s basically the same thing I was doing at the bank, just scanning medical documents now instead of loans, haha. I just couldn’t take the bank anymore. I was so distressed and stressed and depressed (hah) that I had to see a doctor. I’ve always had major issues, but never bad enough to not be able to function. Oh well, that’s one part of my life I think Id rather not think about now ^_^. I think I’ve learned the one word to describe myself while starting this new job. AWKWARD. I don’t know how to interact with people or something now. I used to be Miss Social Butterfly when I was younger…not anymore. I can normally start conversation with anyone. Now I can’t hold a normal conversation to save my life. I know I’ll probably warm up to everyone with time, I just feel like an outcast. Everyone will be telling stories, Ill jump in, and it’s as though I literally hear the crickets chirping. I get blank stares and silence. So I guess Ill just keep my mouth shut for now, until people get to know me.
On another note, I’ve been re-reading the past 3-4 years of livejournal entries. Its sooo strange to think how long has passed by. I was once best friends with Schyler, Azha, and Raven. Damn how things have changed. Now I occasionally see Brittany and Sara Ingle. Two people who I don’t really consider best of anything. Brittany’s not a bad person I just know she’s caused a LOT more drama then helped resolve. And Sara’s one of Beau and mines ex’s. So yeah…not the 2 most wonderful girls in the world >_<. Sweet attitudes…but I’m weary of getting close to them at all. Beau and I are better then we have been. But looking at the happy past is somewhat sad. Well, I’ve made this really long. And hopefully Ill be able to update just a little bit more now.