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April 2010



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Down the Rabbit hole...

So I just felt like Alice falling through the looking glass. I just took a wrong turn around a wrong corridor and ended up somewhere completely scary. I was going to check on a bill at the clinic I got surgery a while back, since I received a notice of being turned over to a collection agency. And since I now work near the same building, I thought myself smart enough to figure a way over the walkthrough and up a floor. Well, I went up the elevator and found the clinic I needed. Simple. Then it got crazy. I went back the way I came and tried going to the floor I needed to get a drink. Well that’s where I messed up. I don’t know how I did, but somehow I ended up in a Urology lab. Feeling awkward and embarrassed, knowing I just got lost in my own place of work, I think…stairs! That was the second mistake. Stairs seem smart until you get in them and realize they just go on and on and on, up and down up and down, but nothing to let you know where you are. And “1st floor” and “2 floor” really don’t let you know what building you’re in. They were white and cream and seemed to go on for days. And of course I would end up in the building with 5 floors instead of 3 >_<. Eventually I thought “go to the bottom, walk outside, and find your way in the light”. Would have seemed smart had I not ended up in between 2 doors, both going into a building somewhere. Through one window were a bunch of curtains like a hospital and the other looked like a laboratory. Both seemed wrong so I ran back upstairs. Eventually I found where I was, but I don’t know how. Needless to say, I’m never going into any unmarked staircases again. The white rabbit will not be chased.