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The Ravings of a Leannan Sidhe

Slowly down the rabbit hole...

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I guess I can write more about myself on this thing. Seeing as how no one can really know who I am if I dont write anything ^_^. My name is Cara. I live in Mississippi right now (>_<) Just got dumped by my "love" and am having to "find myself" now. Gay. Ive lost a lot of friends the past few years, growing up I guess. Now that Im single though I hope to rekindle some of the friendships. Im still in touch with my family, although we've never really been the closest. Living back with them now, feels like highschool. Im also going through a lot of shit right now. So most of my entrys are rough..although some days are boring. Nothing really interesting about me..but thats me. I love life..but currently its not really liking me..lol.